"Places we've been"
by Jesse Switters

Innocents a big word
To live long to forget
wait on the rainfall
were all lost time has been

There really is no hero
that really comes to mind
only the rusted people
the best ones to survive

(chorus) C D G Em
(Let the sunrise
find the places that we've been
Go and do the right thing
but callin it a sin

Find yourself alone
fallin' as you please
but were just to far
to turn back for me)

Theres the faded darkside
that we pretend to see
Tryin to run along the road
on our knees

I'm no hero
I'll never come to find
only another dusted fool
holding back this time
PLease you deep songwriting experts, Give me some feedback! I want to Get better and Please don't be afraid to butcher me!lol. My lines may be a bit rhyme but who knows theres gott abe some experts out there!
if you added something like

deer hunters tying dead deers legs all together and carrying the carcass by the knot around the shoulder


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then i think it would be good. as it is.. well, if you really want my opinion, you are going to have to demand it more than just two times. im kidding. just be chill, if its good, people will comment. if it isn't, comment on other people's so they have to comment on yours. its in a rule book somewheres i think. speaking of, perhaps you should chance a glance at somes up above. if you arent aware of the forum rules, chances are good people will see that and not comment out of sheer yankee disgust.

"if you didn't throw that ****ing tea into the boston harbor!.."..