I've been working on this song for a while, and I still have problems making it sound right. At first I thought it was the tempo, but now I think I'm okay with that. It may be because of how hard I'm hitting the notes in comparison to others or how I'm fingerpicking(I use my index finger to hit the D string, instead of my thumb- would take make that much difference?), or maybe it's the rythm but honestly I can't tell.

In compasion to something like,

Here's a quick video,

Definitely not my best, for I seemed to lose all my concentration when I started recording, but hopefully you'll get the gist of it from some fragments.
If I remember, the song only has 1 picking pattern. Just get that down PERFECTLY. Then one you are confident, do the chord changes separately. Once you feel confident about both, start slow then work your way up.