So I discovered a new 00's neoprogressive rock band, that has some amazing stuff and they also sound quite 80's.
I have their album "Under A New Sign" and their stuff is very impressive.
Thought that you might want to check them out.
Here you have some previews:

My favorite songs by them are "Under A New Sign", "Exit LUMC", and "Mastermind".

EDIT: Since I saw that there are no threads about Neoprogressive, Neoprog is a sub genre of progressive rock, that features more "light" songs (like power metal to metal), its songs are usually shorter, and are more "radio friendly".
That doesn't mean that it's pop. I think that it's awesome.

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Listening to Mastermind now.

I can't say I'm impressed, they seem to have gone for a kind of sound that Redemption do much better.
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