I've been playing my crappy acoustic for about a year now. Obviously my dream would be to play electric guitar but I just can't afford all of the amps and everything. Not to mention that there isn't much space in my apartment. When I first heared about Electric Acoustic guitars, I was syked. Now I plan on getting one.

Before I purchase one, however, I have some questions:

Is this a smart choise? Are they good to play with? Are there any drastic changes that would confuse an acoustic player like me?

Are there any accessories? Will I need to plug anything in?

What is the approximate price for a good Electric Acoustic?
Well, the point of the "electric" is to plug into an amp. If you are going to buy an electric-acoustic, you'll also be buying an amp. In that case, since you have an acoustic already I would suggest an electric and an amp.

The only difference between an acoustic and an acoustic-electric is that the a-e is designed to be played with an amp.

But if, for some reason, you're set on an acoustic-electric, I suggest Ibanez. I personally play an Ibanez acoustic-electric and it is an amazing guitar. Each Ibanez a-e I played was fantastic, and I have been pushing them to friends who are actively seeking a new a-e.

But as I said, since you desire to play electric, I suggest not buying an a-e, but instead buying an electric guitar and an amp - you won't regret it.
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acoustic electric is just an acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amp, allowing you to play loudly.
Quote by larrytheguitar
Oh, you still have to use an amp? That's a bummer.

You don't have to, you can obviously play it unplugged. But of course you need an amp, how else would you amplify it?
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Quote by larrytheguitar
Oh, so it's basically an acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amp? Oh.

Exactly. You can get some cool sounds out of it, but not without an amp it will just sound like an acoustic -- and it will never sound like an electric guitar. When you're looking to upgrade your acoustic look into an electro-acoustic, but it is no substitute for a proper electric guitar. How much were you looking to spend?

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Quote by larrytheguitar
Anything below maybe... 1500

1500?! What kind of currency?

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With $1500 you could get an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and an amp with money left over. What kind of music do you play? We can suggest loads of guitar and amp combinations that will be in that price range.

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Ya man, if you're a beginner (which you clearly are) you REALLY don't need a 1500 dollar instrument. SO, like someone else said, you should invest in whatever you'd like. Honestly, with 1500 dollars you can totally afford a rig. You can pretty much get a top of the line rig with that kind of cash. (I am slightly overexaggerating of course, because a top of line amp is well over 1000 dollars, but you can definitely get gear that you will be happy with for a long time with that much flow). Whoever told you you can't afford a guitar rig was severely mistaken.
most electrics are designed to allow you to play faster more easily. if you get an electric acoustic, you will find that many techniques which people use on eletrics either cannot be used or will be very hard to play with your ae.

one good example is doing bends. you will find bending on AEs very difficult ocmpared to electrics.
Haha, allright thanks guys. I guess I'll look for some electric guitars then. Whats a good beginner guitar? I read somewhere that beginners use Vintage guitars but I don't even know what that means.
There is a lot out there. It really depends on what type of music you want to play.

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Quote by larrytheguitar
Oh, I'm not really looking for an Ibanez. I was thinking more of a basic Strat or a Ovation.

It would really be helpful to know what kind of music you play.

For a Strat go with a MIM(Made in Mexico) Fender.


Assuming you play blues/classic rock(Considering the strat) I'd suggest something like these for the amp.


Or if you're really worried about space and volume --


The Crate V18 will sound the best and be the loudest. You'd be able to keep it for a long time.

The MicroCube won't sound as good as the others, but It's the most versatile and quietest. You'll probably want to upgrade from this after a little while.

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you could get a really nice MIA strat and a semi cheap amp, or, you could get a MIM strat and a very nice amp, OR you could try to find a strat in the middle haha, but i'm not sure what model is about 700 bucks... a highway 1 possibly?

Honestly, just peruse www.musiciansfriend.com and find some stuff that catches your eye.
^Highway 1 is a good idea.

A good amp is going to be most important to your sound, so make sure you ration your cash well. As the saying goes..

Expensive guitar through cheap amp = bad tone.
Cheap guitar through great amp = good tone.

The Crate V18 is really a killer deal right now. That and a MIM or Highway 1 Strat will last you a long time.

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Get an Epiphone LP Standard if you like the Les Paul Style and Sound (;
I have a Parker. It is an electric guitar, but it also has acoustic pickups in the bridge. Flip those on and you have a great acoustic sound. You can also mix the acoustics with the magnetics to get an amazing sound.
dont get a crappy strat squier or something similar the suck
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Quote by qstionauthority
yeah man if you play an a-e you still have to get an amp

just get an electric guitar/amp

no you dont
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