bass is 2nd one
I'm trying to get my bass to sound good using pro tools and what ever I do I can't

Not sure if its problem with my bass using FenMex P-bass with Quarter Pounders my techqinue or something else, Guitar sounds alright as you can hear.
it sounds like the gain, either on guitar rig or the interface was cranked. The low frequencys in the eq are probably to high as well.
There are bits which sound like you might be clipping slightly, your gonna need to turn the input down.
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well on the mbox its as low as possible to get any sound.
my only option is to turn down on the bass but I always been told keep that at max other wise you lose your tone,
its passive bass so I shouldnt have the problem of the input being to much it normarly the otherway round.
I've had this kind of problem with recording into a computer before, there is not much you can do if lowering the input isn't working. You just have to mess with the settings until you get a tone that is usable.

Have you tried running you bass through your amplifier and plugging your computer into the D.I socket, headphones socket or the line out/tuner socket?

Hope this helps.

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If you are plugging your bass directly into your Mbox then that is the problem. Instruments like guitars and basses have too high an impedance to work properly when plugged directly into recording equipment.

You need to get yourself a DI. Any DI will do, but dont get something stupid cheap like a Behringer cos they sound terrible. Id recommend the SANSAMP bass driver DI, its a bass distortion and DI unit. Its kinda expensive but well worth it. I run my bass through the sansamp even when im playing through my rig, because its sounds mad.
If you're plugging in into a mic input, you need to use a DI. Get a passive DI. They're cheap, don't use a 9v battery or phantom power and don't affect your tone as much as active ones do. And for the record, Behringer DI's aren't all that bad...
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