I need some good acoustic or electric instrumentals for preferably one guitar to learn.
I'd also prefer songs that have either a well rated tab or guitar pro file on UG
I'm trying to find some cool sounding songs, but i'm out of ideas
so any help is greatly appreciated..
surfing with the alien
cliffs of dover
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damaged by john 5 or for the love of god by steve vai

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+1 to John5. Great guy. And damaged is a very good song to learn. Not one of his more difficult songs, but fun to play.
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IIIIfb * KARKOLI * ytIIII(mostly rock... a little funky, a little hard just the way you want it )
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YYZ - Rush!!!!

normally when i ask for instrumentals i post a list of ones i don't want, yyz is always first, but thanks anyway, good to see you're thinking.