Slim necked guitars?


so this guy at school got an ibanez jem (i have a squier, ) anywho, he said i should get a slim-necked guitar... so the questions i pose are:

1. Is the Squier a very thick neck?

2. Is the JEM a very slim neck(i haven't held one )?

3. What are the advantages of slim-necked guitars?

4. What are some other slim-necked guitar models?


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The JEM neck is probably the thinnest neck you can get. The squire neck im not sure of but i think it is a medium thick neck. Slim neck guitars are faster, and easier to play.

other slim neck guitars are any Ibanez, and most jacksons, aswell as a select few schecters
ok... here we go.

1. while not uber thick, a strat neck is still a good size. A thinner neck guitar would be something like a SG or a a lot of guitars made by company's that make mostly heavy metal guitars ( ESP, Schecter etc)
2. the Vai jems are made for a guy who shreds so odds are the neck is thin
3. Faster play is possible, and some people prefer it while playing, as they can move their hands around the fret board faster. some hate it, its all preference.
4. Alot of guitars from company's that make a lot of heavy guitars come with thin necks, but not all. look at ESP's or Jackson's or any other brand like that. If you want a more traditional rock sound, sg's have a pretty thin neck, and ive played some explorer's with thin necks. but in the end it comes down to preference, and really it doesn't make you a better player.
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this used to be a bigger issue back in the 80's with 'faster necks' and such but now days most guitars, like the squire, have fairly slim necks. Your guitar is probably fine but you should check out some of the ones listed and see if you prefer them
Quote by Etudes_meister
3. What are the advantages of slim-necked guitars?

This is the only question in the whole post that actually needs an answer to be honest and the answer is as follows:

None. There is no inherent advantage to having a thinner neck beyond the fact that you might prefer necks that shape. Go out and try as many guitars as possible and take note of which ones you prefer because whatever the answer is that's the kind of neck you should have.
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