I'm gonna be buying my second guitar soon. I've got a price limit of $200. I play mostly rock and metal. Some guitars I've looked at are the Mayhem Clutch by AXL, the B.C. Rich Warbeast, Ibanez GRX2O and GAX70, and Dean Vendetta XMT. Which one would you guys reccomend? Anything I missed?
Is this your second electric? If so what do you have currently?


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Yep second electric. I currently have a les paul looking guitar from a company named Harmonics. Its okay, i just want something better and with a trem. if possible.
$200 is not that much I suggest you save a bit more so you have have the benifit of a better upgrade.
I would suggest saving up a bit more if you really like guitar. If you do save, you will not feel the need to buy another guitar for a much longer time. If $200 truly is you're guitar price maximum, and there isn't anything wrong with that, I would go with the Ibanez GRX20.
200 is really all i can take out for a while i have to put the rest aside for a car.
What amp are you using?
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200$ is what a real trem (ALONE) costs.. Save up your money. Do NOT settle for a piece of shit.

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Yeah, I agree with the guy above. For 200 you are gonna end up with a terrible tremolo. I suggest you keep saving or go without a tremolo
yeah, guitars downwords of 200 usually have crap trems. Id say get a used g-400 sg and then if u want a trem, just get a bigsby.
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200 dollars will only get you good pickups.

for a good second guitar, you probably need to be patient and wait till your in the 400-600 range.
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If you can't wait you gotta go used.
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