i'm thinking about adding a floyd-rose (actually an Ibanez ZR 2) bridge to my axe but it's got a set neck and it does not have a locking nut.

could i just swap out my tuners for locking tuners to serve the same purpose as a locking nut.

everything else about the guitar is perfect i just need a better trem.
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Nope, it will have tuning stability issues...

Look up the Shred-X Gibson explorer, this has locking tuners and a khaler trem and in a video it goes out of tune every time he touches the bloody thing lol...
It's nearly always a better idea to buy a guitar with a good trem on it than buying a guitar to put a trem on.

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Actually it depends on how much you use the trem,

if you have a decent trem (Ibanez edge pro, or ZR etc) a graphite nut and decent locking tuners you can get away with no locking nut, but only for light trem use (ala Chris Broderick), vibrato etc and the occasional dive bomb, but dont expect it to stay in tune for as long as a locking nut if your playing dragon force.

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Yeah. I'd really suggest a locking nut.
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