hey im wanting to make my own guitar and as i dont have the skills, space or equipment to make my own body from scratch im going to buy one, as with the neck.

does anyone know of any places that sell guitar bodies and necks. im after, if possible a gibson explorer or similar styled guitar body, maybe a ESP explorer.

i live in melbourne australia so the closer to home the better.

also i know that warmoth make guitar bodies and everything but i dont want to buy from them as the extra charges that are put on stuff when its imported into australia is crazy, the charges and be half what ive already paid.

thanks kristian.
Here are some companies that do pre-fab stuff. Just do a quick google of them to go to the main page.

mighty might

I've found that eBay can be a good spot for deals if your patient, and I've even purchased things out of Australia and brought them in to Canada .