Hi there everyone first post am new, Ive just bought a new guitar | Maverick F3 *the older model* | secondhand and im having a bit of trouble with the floyd rose style tremolo system.

Basically i wanted to change the strings because the ones the previous owner had on there were grim and past it. So i purchased another set of strings of the same gauge as the previous strings 10 - 46. now ive watched a few youtube videos and would have done it one string at a time except i needed to clean the fretboard so i totally removed all the strings. howevver now that i have put the new set on if i tune it up to standard tuning the bridge shoots up in the air.

previously it had a very nice action. Could it be that i put 3 new strings on then had to go to work for 7 hours and came back forgotten that id left the bridge pushed up a bit with some cloths so im thinking maybe the springs could be stretched permanently now or something?

Ive ordered some more springs for the back anyway just incase that is it
Any help would be much appreciated / ideas / warnings.


PS here is a picture for anyone whos interested.

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