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ibanez rg320
8 24%
B.C rich Japan Ironbird
5 15%
20 61%
Voters: 33.
major dillema in which I need the opinion of you lot.

Theyre about the same price.

I have not played the ironbird but the reason im considering it is because its rare and hard to find like a gyarados. Also because it doesnt look cliched.

WHat would you chose and why?
I´d recommend you save up more money and buy an IbanezRGT42, It´s only about $150 more than the RG320. I have an RG 320, and it is incredible, but I aspire to buy the RGT42, It´s got incredible sound, it´s made in ONE PIECE (:
Extremely cheap for the quality guitar it is.



Hope this helps!
hard to find like a gyarados? i feel inclined to call you a dweeb for making a reference like that.

How the hell did you even find this thread?
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^ lol! i just noticed the time, yeah that is strange. maybe it took him 2 years to type all that.
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How the hell did you even find this thread?

That's nothing. There was a 4 year necrobump 2 months back or so. I lol'd.

I still voted Mclovin thou.


Funny I havent posted much in this site since then. What a pleasant surprise.

Anyways I ended up getting the jap ironbird, Been two years and it still playes great.

No regrets whatsoever.
Cool, Pics?

Also, watch the necrobumps guys.
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