hello, i'm looking for a amp (preferably tube) in the price range of 300$ - 500$ for my new sss highway one strat.

i like playing pink floyd, classic rock, jazz,blues and some metallica riffs.
any suggestions?
Peavey Classic 30, you might need to save a bit more for one though
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get the V ^
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Peavey Classic 30, you might need to save a bit more for one though

the Peavey classic 30 is awesome, but it cost over 1000$ in my country (israel)
so it's out of the question...

only 249$ for a tube?! it's looks too good to be true..

can anyone give some feedback on the crate V?
I've got the Blackheart ( Crate ) Little Giant BH5 - 112 Combo.

Its a nice tube Amp with 5 Watts of Power.
It maybe sounds weak but its not.

You won't get a super clean tone from this Amp but the distorted tone is pretty nice.
If you can get one, used Flextone is pretty much the best amp in the price range IMO
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what about a used fender blues deluxe reissue?

not gonna do distortion well, at all
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i can't get the crate V.
what about the Roland cubes? are they any good at clean?