I have an old Avery CD Stomper Pro kit but are there any better products out there for DVD label design?
The stick on ones are fair but I do find that they start to pop off after a while and jam up the computers or DVD players...

I have been looking into light scribe which is high in price and even higher is an ink jet CD/DVD printer.

The printer seems great for my use but you have to spend at least $200 on them to get one thats worth using and I prefer color printing.

BTW Sharpies work but I need a more professional look. I plan on selling these DVDs and so I cant have peeling labels and sharpies on the disks...
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A lot of new computers have Light Scribe built into the CD drives. So if you need a new computer...............
My desktop does need an upgrade but It's not too old...It's about 2 years....but heck it works for my needs right now but eventually I need to save up for a custom build.

Either way, I was reading up on Light Scribe and it seems very SLOW
That's the last thing I need when putting out a lot of CDs. On top of the speed the CDs are very high in price IMO.

DYMO makes a product called the "DiscPainter" which I found a while ago today and that looks like a good product for the price. It is a little high for what it does but it seems to work well and I may go with it.
Light Scribe isn't that slow, when compared to burning a DVD it's nothing, although my Laptop is only 2 weeks old, might be better than the older ones...
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