where the bloody hell can i get these from?? Im in the uk and looking for one to put in an epiphone valve junior. also is there any way i can wire the valve junior combo (v2) to have a 16 ohm output rather than the 4 ohm output?
This is a list of Hammond electrical distriburtors in the UK


Hammond only has 1 UK distributor specifically for tube amp parts and they can be found here

46 Seafield Road

Tel & Fax: +44 (0)1382-322990

You might want to think about just switching the 4ohm tap for the 8ohm tap on your output transformer because the V2 does have both. Switching to the 8ohm tap will let you safely run a 16ohm speaker. Running a 16ohm speaker on an 8ohm tap will give your amp less volume and more compression and give you better low end which means you will sound more like a tweed champ. Just something to think about...
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