my friend gave me fruity loops 8 xxl

he also gave me a crack, that he used for it.

he is on xp, so doesnt know how to get it workin on vista.

iv installed the fruity loops program, and its running in demo mode.

i have a thing in another folder called "flREGKEY" and i have no idea what to do with it.

when i right click, then go merge, it just loads it into registration files or something, but fruityloops is still demo.

it has insturctions in the same folder,

they read:

FL Studio 8 XXL Producer Edition rc3-trsh
+ + + + CRACK ONLY + + + +

Installation Instructions (from nfo):

1. Install the app.

2. Copy (Replace) FLEngine.dll into the installed app dir.

3. Import FLRegkey.reg into registry.

4. Enjoy!

so what does that mean? and how do i do it?

thanks heaps.