-22xx22xx22xx------ 22xx22xx----------------

I dont know how to play the X's. What do you do when those come up?
dead notes
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take stop pressing down with your fret hand but keep playing with your pick hand, thus making a sound but playing the actual notes
you palm mute with your left hand and slightly touch the strings with the right hand so you get dead notes
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Just let your finger rest on the strings and hit them.

Yup, make sure that no note sounds, that you just get the sound of the strings. You will have to be careful that harmonics don't sound.
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dude they are ghost note's, just mute the strings

You mean dead notes, ghost notes are in between ( )'s and can mean several things such as an effect such as tremolo or delay, to a held note coming out of a bend.
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there's nothing wrong with asking a question when you don't understand something. but this question gets asked at least once every 30 minutes. maaybe there should a little box that comes up explaining the x's whenever somebody tries to start a thread.
It has been answered correctly already, but please see the FAQ
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