Hey there guys,

my solo CD is almost done so I thought it was time to launch my website.

It features a link to my bands website as well (the first link - that one's Dutch however, so don't bother taking a look in there.. well.. you can try if you want though ).

The third link takes you to a page where I uploaded a few simple ideas. It has one original song and one cover at the time, more will come in the future.

The second link features the actual solo project, "The Apostle". I wrote all the music and lyrics myself, recorded everything myself, using a drum computer and some synth samples (which are of surprisingly good quality), and the usual guitars and bass guitars. Three female friends of mine are singing and it features myself growling

It's a hybrid of all kinds of genres, really. I'd describe it as symphonic rock with hints of prog and metal. Influences are Pink Floyd, Pendragon, Marillion and a bit of Opeth. There are samples on there, so you can go and listen for yourself
At this point, I'm not distributing the record over the internet, just selling it in the region. I'll maybe put it available for download later.

That's it for now. I've another project planned at this moment, it'll take another year or so for that one to be finished though.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated
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