In advance, I would like to apologize for any "newbie-ish" qualities to this thread. I've lurked the forums here for a while, and while most of the questions I have about the Line 6 TonePort UX1 / general computer recording have been answered, there's still some slack left over...

Okay - computer recording. Great. Fine and dandy and all, and I have a TINY bit of experience with it. However, when I was in my old band the guitarist set everything up; pretty much when it was time for someone else to record, he'd get it to the point where you sling your cable into the input and play your part.

Now, I've recently purchased a TonePort UX1. It has some mixed reviews, but overall people seem reasonably happy with it. I'm aware that it's USB powered, plug it into a USB port, plug your instrument in, and you're ready for action. My main concern is, will I have to go through my hardware settings and change my active sound card to this beast (much like the POD recordings I've been through)? And if so, will this magical little do-dad act as an external sound card, preventing any sound from escaping my computer speakers? If yes, how should I go about "adapting" and "converting" to where I can record and get sound out of the speakers?

Now, I'm planning on recording with SONAR Cakewalk 6, which has treated me very well in the past, and is what the aforementioned band used to get some pretty clear and quality recordings. Is there any "line-in" action requiring converters and adapters to downsize the input jack with this hardware or what? Or am I just being a little over-paranoid and it really IS as simple and plug in, power on, click record, play song, end?

Again, sorry for the length of this thread, and sorry if this particular concern has already been addressed. Just attempting to take some precautionary measures to see what I'm getting myself into here...
It does work as an external sound card. You just have to go to your computer's sound devices and set it as the main one for recording/playback.

As for Sonar, there should be some kind of preferences menu in it that will allow you to set the toneport as the input for it.
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yea interfaces act as an external high end sound card...although the toneports are not high end IMO.

You should disable your stock sound card then set the toneport as the default, then install the software and plug it in and all that.

I had Sonar 6 Producer and now run 7 Producer and both work well however I have not tried a toneport with Sonar in the past...had too many problems with vista and that hardware.......

Anyways you should be able to go into the prefs of Soanr and set the input and output to the toneport. Monitor off the toneport and you should have very little latency.
yes the toneport ux1 will act as a sound card.
what i do is plug in a headphone adapter thing (in the headphone jack)
and grab the audio cord out of the back of your computer (green end) and plug it into the headphone place. works perfect