Hey Everyone,

I'm a student living in Student Housing at my university and tonight is bonfire night (essentially 150 people on the beach) ... about 10 - 12 of us have guitars and we're planning on playing, of course. So I'm looking to the UG community for some advice on what songs. I've already looked at the "What song" thread and found a few there and here is the extremely short list I've put together.

Garth Brooks = Friends in Low Places
Bon Jovi = Livin' on a prayer
Tom Petty = Free Fallin'
Counting Crows = Mr. Jones
Toby Keith = I love this bar
Neil Young = Heart of Gold

Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot,
-= Murdox =-
Bon Jovi
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in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel
dead or alive by bon jovi
american girl by tom petty