Verse 1
i wont find what i need, at the bottom of the bottle
hope come find me, im losing all direction
shallow independance, is quickly fading through
underneath it all, i feel im loosing you

Verse 2
my head just dont feel right, its caving under the pressure
i gotta hate myself enough enough, and pour out another measure
i cant understand ,all this loss in me
i cant seem to shake, this enemy

well i cant get no sleep at all
i cant shake these nightmares
i must be starting to fall
im caught between the crosshairs

verse 3
its getting hard to sleep, with out my loving addiction
the shame and guilt it leaves, relieving all the tension
my eyes are burning red, flames wrapped around me
the devil owns my soul, in need of sympathy

Verse 4
why cant anyone else see, i need a helping hand
im destroying all i worked for, and crushing all my plans
theres nothing but remorse, coarsing through my veins
i feel like im being tied down, and held by the devils reigns