Problem is I just spent 3500 on tuition, and I have another 3500 due in january so I have to finance. The shop I get the best financing from carries mainly ibanez,jackson,dean and fender. I am thinking maybe a standard tele? I really liked the feel of the lite ash tele as well when I played it. The main artists I enjoy listening to are a lot of john mayer, freddie/albert/bb king, srv etc. I dont have an amp right now but I have some "decent" modelling software that I have with my mac. I just want to do some jams and recordings through my PC for now since I'm so busy with uni. Any suggestions? I had a strat but I'm just looking for something different, that's why I thought tele's. Thanks
I wouldn't usually discourage someone from buying a new git, but it sounds like you have more pressing money needs.
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Get a job first.
No don';t sweat the money, I write software and design web sites on the side, I have 2 contracts for next month for some small businesses in my area. Moneys not an issue, thanks though
Like I said, I didnt ask UG for financial advice. I'm doing well, I just would like a new guitar. Thanks again.
Well in that case... Tele's are cool. I really want a semi hollow of some kind.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
Yeah see I was eying the TC90 with p90's then I'm pretty sure Fender discontinued them, and I'm having a bit of trouble finding one used. The '72 thinlines (i may be wrong on the model) that fender have just dont visually appeal to me all that much. Obviously it's about play though so I may try one of those as well.
^If you can find a TC90, get it.
I know cause I'm used to playing metal guitars with neck thrus and set necks, and I noticed that the neck of the tc-90 is a set neck I believe, but it has tele type sounds obv a little different because of p90s. It just looks like the one...I'll check around later on today. Thanks fellas
fairly small, Im eying an approx max of 700, I'm more concerned about feel of the guitar, pickups arent a huge concern right now, I had a strat with texas specials and loved the sound but not the feel, I played a lite ash strat and the neck was perfect for me, it was unlike any ive played. So im assuming the lite ash tele has the same neck profile, so that is very attractive to me.
Fender Baja Telecaster Should be within your budget, and the whole S1 Switching opens a whole new range of tones.
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Fender 1972 RI American Deluxe Telecaster... I played some random strat the other day at the guitar store, but didn't pay attention to the model. It looked like SRV's strat, without the "S.R.V".... By far my favourite non-shortscale guitar I've ever played. It played really well, and it had a really nice sound.
i got american standard strat and im really happy with it, the neck is like butter. The pickups sound really nice too

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