I absolutely love this song, but cannot find a tab to it anywhere... i'm not particularly good at playing by ear yet, and so would very much appreciate if anyone has this song tabbed or could help out.

I'm particularly interested in the solo, as i would like to learn the whole song!

so if anyone can help, many thanks in advance!
I love Milburn mate but i haven't heard Tommy but i know it was one of their early demos. Any chance of an upload? Cheers.
heres a link to the milburn fansite demo downloads


i'm checked the link and it seems to work ok
The solo is a nightmare to work out because you need 22 or 24 frets and i only have 21!
thats no problem, thanx for having a go though! i shall keep looking, and keep trying to play by ear!!
Ive worked out the rest of the song so i'll put it up when i get a chance.
your a legend! thank you for tabbing this song!

... i did try get bits myself, although i didnt get very far, but i'm learning!!

sounds good to me..... just gotta get the solo bit down so i can play it faster