Hey ive been looking into getting an audio interface (USB 2.0 or firewire) to record some ideas & songs on but im finding it hard to decide on what to get, especially as my budget is quite limiting (i could probably stretch to around $250 max..but would prefer not too as i like my wallet nice & fat )

It needs to have at least 2 XLR inputs & be able to record 2 tracks at a time & it needs decent preamps (with phantom power) that will be pretty good for vocals & electric guitar. Needs to be able to function with 2 inputs at the same time at 24bit/96kbs with zero to ultra low latency hardware monitoring.
Ive already got some fairly good mics (Shure, Seinheiser, etc.) so no worries there, I just need some advice on what interface to get.

So far ive been looking at the Tascam US144 (since its well within my budget), Presonus Audiobox, Presonus Inspire 1394 & Onyx Sattelite(though it is just about out of my range with postage).

So if anyone has had experience with any of these it would be great if you could give me some of the pros & cons of each & maybe offer any better alternatives.

PreSonus Inspire 1394 - Around $150
- Good preamps
- 2 inputs
- Phantom power
- Firewire connection
- Great price

If you are running XP I highly suggest the Onyx Satellite from Mackie. It has great preamps and a good number of ins and outs.
x2 with what Moody said. As for the shipping prices...it should be free unless you are not within the continental US. As for choosing between the Satellite and the Inspire, if you plan on connecting external effects, want to connect everything and leave things be, or plan on running long cable lines to your monitors, go with the Mackie.
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