alright so me and my friends wanna start getting serious about recording and playing music and i was looking around online for mics to buy to go with our PA package that we plan to buy and i stubled upon this:
MXL MXL 4000 Multi-Pattern FET Studio Condenser Microphone

now i know it says that it's for studios but would we be able to use it live or would it just be weird?

i heard some stuff about studio condensers being extremely sensitive and therefore would pick up all the crowd/background noise if used live

also im not really sure what a condenser mic does that is any different from a normal mic

i know about the different patterns that mics have and all that and that is why im extra interested in this mic because if we ever want to mic my amp or something else like the set we can use it for that too but is that a good idea

(btw we plan to use it for vocals mainly)

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that would be one of the worst choices for you. you want an all purpose dynamic vocal mic, go with the sure sm57 or the sm58. for a little more you can upgrade to the sure Beta58.
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