My dad went through my room this morning while I was at my friend Austin's and found my stash.

Called me, made me come home, told me how good the GB I made was, and then grounded me.

I can't go anywhere for a while he says. The reason he went in my room the 1st time was because I went into his (looking for his stash) and I haven't been in theirs that they know of since then, but he went through my shit.

This is what he found:

My gravity bong, 2 pipes, a couple empty baggies, an empty pill botlle I used to hold weed, an empty pack of cigarettes, a wrapper off a blunt stick, a doob tube (he didn't know what it was and made me explain how it works), and case of pipe tobacco.

My dad smokes too and they've caught me before and have done the same thing.
Do you think he's right in grounded me for this?
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Well children, the moral of this story was.

Don't hide your stash in stupid predictable places where your parents can find 'em.

Jedit: ^ Goat Banging?
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Heh, Im listening to dopetrain by the vines...

But to be honest I couldent give a ****.... hide your stuff better next time.
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Your Dad sounds like a giant hypocrite.
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ok, what is "gravity bong"???

gravity??? WTF?

it's just a type of bong you can make.