whats going on with this basses neck pickup? ive never seen anything like it, on guitar or bass. how does it work? is there just a regular sized pickup with a big cover?
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I always thought it was wood and there's like, 2 pickups underneath it. Maybe makes the sound different when the sound vibrates the wood above them or something. I dunno.
It's actually just a wooden plate. He wanted it on there because he doesn't like it when people dig in on a fretless bass, because it is very hard on the fretboard.
Its not a pickup.
Its a wooden plate used so you can anchor your thumb over any string area.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
It's not a pickup. It's the Willis Ramp. If I had my Gary Willis book here I'd explain it to you in his own words. But as has been said, it's to stop you digging too far into the string when playing fretless, which Gary Willis (all hail the Willistoad...) says is the "worst thing you can do on a fretless."

It's not an extended pickup. It's a piece of wood. Enlarge the photo and you can clearly see the separate pickup at the end.