Okay, so it's a dual rail single coil sized humbucker. four wire with bare, and potted. It's a heavy pickup.

From looking at the pickup and comparing it to wiring diagrams for name brand manufacturers of similar pickups, it's got color correspondence to finish and start of SD pickups. North coil runs 7.54k and the south coil runs 7.52k. (~15.06k wired series humbucker)

It's missing the cover, and the only markings on it are what look like "F & C" printed on the bottom of the magnet. My camera isn't working right now so getting a picture doesn't work.

The top of the coils are not rounded individually like this pickup:

But are rounded together like this pickup:

It goes in the bridge position of the current guitar I'm completing sometime today. Anybody had any idea what with the info given who it might be made by? Hearing a clip or two after finding out who made it and the model, basically is what I hope to accomplish. Thanks
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