Alright, so I own a MIM Strat with an HSS configuration. Yesterday, I changed the pickups to Texas Specials, all single coils, and they sound great. Except for one thing, when I'm using the second posistion (neck and middle), there is a significant volume drop and they tone becomes very tinty, not like it's supposed to be. When I was rewiring it, I also noticed that it didn't match up with the diagram that came with the pickups, but the tone and volume pots work fine. Can somebody please give me some advice on what could be wrong? Could it be my faulty soldering, or do I need to replace the switch? Do I need to rewire it? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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You probably wired one of the pups out-of-phase. Just figure out which one and swap its hot and gnd wires.

Edit: If it's only for the neck/middle setting, the neck pup is the one that's out-of-phase.