CAn someone tell me how to create the feedback noise that guitarists commonly use as a an intense sort of build up
lots of gain, and put your guitar right in front of the amp, facing it.
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lots of gain on your amp, noisy pickups and some sort of vibrato system on your guitar if you want to controll the pitch of the feedback. Try hitting a few notes with the gain turned up to 11 and walking towards and away from the amp whilst holding the notes.

I'll warn you though, it's a foine art getting feedback to sound perfect, only members of 90's grunge bands and jimi hendrix seemed to have mastered it!
It's not that hard realy high gain+high volume, and from there you just gota mess around and get your own technique
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Locking trems are really good for controlling the pitch of feedback, I used to do that a lot in a band i was in last summer, gain up full, reverb up full (playing any normal chords or notes at this point will make you sound like turd) but just hitting a note and then dropping the tremolo in and out of different pitches, after a couple of joints it'd sound amazing ...
Or get a decent amount of gain on any amp and get a guitar with single coils and add a overdrive pedal on top with drive up fairly high then get close to the amp. simple as.
crank the volume adn gain. put your guitar right in front of the speakers and your speakers will vibrate the strings on your guitar, creating a sound, which is sent to the amp and sent to the speaker, which amplifies it into the guitar, whose strings vibrate, etc....

yeah, so that's what happens. just hold a note and mute all the strings. the note you're holding will be the feedback pitch.
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