I'm confused as well. Is there a large amount of these albums someplace that we are to find?
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St. Anger.

In Silico- Pendulum. Great album, horrendous mixing.
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St. Anger


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________ <------enter black metal album name there
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A Brain Malfunction

We'll Never Admit As Defeat
In before ...And Justice for All...

Too late.
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most albums these days are all hypercompressed and limiting hard as hell, just so they play at maximum waveform volume at any volume. it sucks.
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st anger(although it was meant to) .

why would they wan't bad mixing???
Ultramega OK. Sounds O.K on my ipod, but really bad on all other devices/cd players. I love a digitally remastered version...
Metallica's albums are almost always poorly mixed, I never understood why. great band, great records, bad mix. Oh well, 2/3 ain't bad.
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I thought And justice had great mixing, maybe its just the good sound of the drums and guitars.

But Death Magnetic is pretty bad, no bass plus it clips at times.

Are you kidding me? Death Magnetic is the first Metallica album since Cliff died that has decent sounding bass in it.
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________ <------enter black metal album name there



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Trapt - Someone In Control

Probably their best album but it was recorded so quiet and the quality sounded like shit.

Metallica - Death Magnetic

Drums are way to gdamn loud.
the human abstract - midheaven.

what a disappointment.
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death magnetic & st. anger, even though death magnetic is a drastic improvement
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most traditional black metal bands pride themselves in having the type of sound where the mixing was done by a 6 year old. it's just a part of the music they make
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I like this guy, he's UG's Greek, and he just told your ass in two paragraphs. And I once spent 5 minutes watching his avatar.

A Brain Malfunction

We'll Never Admit As Defeat
And justice for all..can't hear the bass, at all. St anger I don't know what they were thinking with the snare drum sound.
Nevermore- Enemies of Reality. Guitars sounded like something off a slipknot record.

Although they realised, and made a re-mastering.
The Mars Volta- Frances The Mute.

It's still the most epic album ever...but sometimes the lack of bass annoys me.
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Protest the Hero - Kezia. One of the more proficient bassists out there and you could barely hear him.
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