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another completely different uh, "style" persay to the other tabs of mine floating around here

theres a good slab of the song fully tabbed, atm it ends with the chorus
but I havent come up with more, however I think its enough to show it to you all

I guess it could be called blackened death.. thrash, dunno around those three pretty much

I hope it gives a strong evil feeling, the song is/will be based on the Japanese Unit 731 ordeal

here it goes

...the drumming owns too, IMO... XD

C4C, in depth critique appreciated, will criticize back, leave the link, so on so forth, I'll try to give as much critique as I'm given
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Ah it's (EDIT)almost finished finally. Nice job kurl0s.

My favorite riff is the chorus. Sorry I'm not usually one to give paragraphs of crit, but it's good.
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I don't normally submit to demands (especially those made by people i've never met) but i'll give you a crit. 2 for 2 is a fair request. I don't have time at the moment though sorry.
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Okay here it is.

Intro- Nice start, only gets better when the 2nd guitar joins. I think in bar 6 it would have been better if the drums joined in time with the 2nd guitar.

Theme 1 - Good riff, okay drums.

Theme 2 - Not as interesting as theme 1. I dont really like the drums.

Theme 3 - Pretty good.

Theme 4 - I like the rhythm patterns the whole way through.

Chorus - Easily the best riff in the whole thing. Very fitting. Similar to Theme 1 but not too much. Kinda reminds me of Amon Amarth. Actually it reminds me of Amon Amarth a lot. Brutal and Melodic at the same time.

Theme 5 - Nice bridge section, but the last bar doesn't flow very smoothly into the chorus.

Overall i liked it. A good strong effort. The whole peice is structured quite well. The chorus is defenitly the hook, so when you continue working on the peice defenitly keep coming back to the chorus. Maybe not so suddenly like you have in this though.