Hey I have been playing for about 7 or 8 months now and I was wondering if UG could give me some cool little blues or rock licks to impress people. The hardest thing i can play is probably...i don't know maybe the heavy ending part of One with the exception of the solos. But I want to have some cool little licks to show off at parties, ect. A vid lesson or tabs would be appreciated cause I can't read no sheet musac.
look up the penatonic minor scale. It's the blues scale. hit any 3 notes, bend the 4th note you play really hard, and then do the next lower notes in the scale really quick. Sounds great.
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honstly one of my favorite licks is final solo to november rain, the part before slash starts crapping out notes (imo the only better slash licks are the ones on estranged)

and go look at children of bodoms stuff, they have some really tasty melodic licks (especially bed of razors)
learn part's of scales or full scales, even just one and then just start to play little patterns of notes with bends in, just see what you can come up with, evantaully youll start to find some really nice little riff patterns than can be played all over the scale or scales, then you can just improvise when ever you want to play some riffs, like some one said the blue's scale is a very nice scale to play with, i find it the easiest on the ear

also get some tabs, power tab or guitar pro and down load tabs and just learn the riffs/ parts of songs that you like the sound of