Hey pit,

I've just started A-level Music, and am interested in learning songs of a Grade 8 standard, anything really, but mainly Classical with no other parts, just a guitar, or something transcribed for a guitar.

Bach is my favourite composer, so something by him would be amazing. But it must be grade 8.

Thank you muchos
=] ami xyz
Van Halen - New World
Beautiful acoustic and piano instrumental off Van Halen 3 (one of the few good tunes on that record), it's track one and it's great!
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thank you for posting like, but I'm looking for Classical musics in particular =/

and get over the green =] its happy

andy mkee, randy rhodes....? Mauro Giuliani: Capriccio in Am, Villa Lobos Prelude 1 in em, and Prelude 2 in D major and uhhhh prolly anything from Isacc Albeniz
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