Hey UG'ers,

The "band" (just 4 friends that get together and play really) I'm in is currently missing a singer, and since the chemistry between us is already great and I'm playing rhythm, I thought it might be a good idea if I'd start singing.

Now to be honest I'm not all that great at singing but hey you have to start somewhere right ? My eventual goal would be to be able to sing to some of Metallica's stuff (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Seek And Destroy etc.) and I know that it's going to take two things:

1) Lots of time
2) Lots of practice

So I'm basically open for suggestions on songs i should start on.

Thanks and have a great day .
Start on simple songs... beatles and foofighters and queen have great songs that are easy to play rhythm and sing to, plus they have a wide variety of songs. In some you can tell when you get the note wrong and others you can only tell if your REALLY looking for it
I play rhythm guitar and i sing at the same time i dont have a band, i'm just playing with one of my friend who plays solo's on guitar. I started sing For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica, 'cause my friend made me sing. Just learn the riffs first, and when you can play them without a mistake and don't look the frets you're playing you can start singins easily. I can pretty much sing One, Sanitarium, And Justice For All(just verses no chorus) and couple more songs, about 5 more, just started damage inc. Also sing the lyrics before you play at the same time try sing with the record and you'll do fine. Sorry for bad english not native.