So Ive posted many threads about getting a new bass amp and pretty much had my sights set on the Ashdown MAG With a 410, however ive been playing my bass after wednessday church with our youth band and Its a real hastle to carry my amp over there.Now my current amp is only a 10 inch combo so Itd be a much greater hastle to carry the MAG around.So ive been thinking, I like the markbass amps and i know they have this great, small, lightweight amp http://www.markbass.it/products.php?lingua=en&cat=3&vedi=86 and have been wondering if it would be better fo me to go for that.Now this amp is 200 usd over the MAG but I think i could get a deal somewhere to lower the price a bit.Now do you think this is wise for me to choose over th MAG?Also there is the MCROMARK which is like th mini but only has one speaker and no tone controlls.The MICRO is more in my price range but I dont know if Its worth it.Ill only use these amps for practise though.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
A 2x6 isn't going to have much. The tone might be okay, but it also might be thin and weak. I love MarkBass, but I can't say I have experience with this one and I can't say I have faith that anyone could pull off a 2x6" combo. So, I really don't like MAGs, but I would choose a 4x10 over a 2x6. Maybe consider a 2x10 instead.
Ive read reviews that say they are "remarkably, full sounding", but you know reviews will always be reviews.If I was giging with the mini I would use an external speaker to get the extra 100 watts out of it.Most likely a 410.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
It says that the lower end of the frequency response drops off at 58Hz.

In other words, it's not by any means going to sound deep.