This is a song I wrote a long time ago that I am very proud of. It's very progressive and math-rockish and it draws a lot of influence from Fall of Troy and Rush.

C4C, I hope you like it as much as I do.
Hm... reminds me of Shoegaze somewhat, mostly the last few minutes, in atmosphere and feeling, which is nice, in the likes of Alcest or maybe the calmer moments of Neo Obliviscaris, though I guess it somewhat detracts a bit the fact there doesnt seem to be a concept behind the song, lyrics or a title,

Dunno it somewhat gives the impression that the few offbeat moments -intro, m. 84 85- are without a reason to be, the latter came out rather randomly or just outta the blue, though it doesnt detract

its a beautiful song

All of it is very professional and theres good stuff all over the place, I dont really have any dislikes. Theres a few riffs I thought to be interesting like Measure 20 (and its respective section), 50 (great melody; its respective section), 87 88,

Not a big fan of number ratings but 8/10

I feel like replying to your comment, not to sound like an argument but,

the comment about noise and what not, perhaps you dont get melody out of everything, I somewhat do to me those early riffs had melody,

as for the drums; alot of Melodeath, or maybe, death metal, I usually hear nothing but straight beats (or blasts) and what not, nothing that interested me too much,
I tried to make it more, but I'm not too good at drums, alot of the time I question if I add this or that, would it be playable, given that I've never touched a drumset in my life,
I thought the drums went alot very well with the song and its atmosphere and more elaborate than the common beats i hear 24/7

I'd say they are very clear progressions (back to the noise claim) =\ you can see the different notes, you can hear them, and I just came up with the riff really, I'm not trying to add a completely deep concept behind every riff but rather the song over all, I felt the riffs had a similar atmosphere and mood, and over all theme.

They gave me a mountainesque feel but not a cliche folky one, more like a rough edged, plain old mountain haha


try that one its more experimental but also my first drum track lol

I gotta go but when I get back I'll edit this post to answer your other comment, cheers though, later^^

[edit] Well, I have like 10 minutes

so here it goes

my favorite parts of the song are Riff 3, Riff 4 through the end, I liked the it flowed haha, and I really like the cymbal fills in the "climax" -planning to add a solo or something there,

but atm im stuck with an acoustic and my imaginary imagination/creativity is very limited... as is also my knowledge of theory aside note values and THEE simplest form of semitone patterns/relationships (aka I dont know scales modes and my harmonizing skills tend to suck balls, as well as having dual guitar tracks doing diff crap at the same time- (Riff 4b was a success though DDDDDDDDDD it always gets me lol)

... the trial and error thing just discouraged me given so many fails lol

sadly I gotta say I'm a bit lazy to experiment I dont know how drums work too well outside of the realm I showed you
and it really troubles me the, tom roll + cymbal or anything like that haha, I wonder "if i was to play this, would be it be possible"

so I dont completely know what all the feet can do aside the bass pedal and the pedal hat thingy

I try experimenting sometimes, but scarcely as I've mentioned before
this is my second attempt at a drum track lol, ever

I linked you to the first one^^ its more experimental haha theres a good explanation in its thread

the song overall is pretty fast, 200bpm straight, alot of triplets, 16th notes and 8th notes I can hear everything pretty well though maybe its just becoming accostumed to high speeds, I can hit 270bpm on my acoustic, with a melodic riff I have and I can tell it apart well lol
though I dont think most people would and just call it showing off/noise despite what to me is very evident emotion in said riff XD
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that was really awesome. i loved it. this is gonna be kinda hard to crit, because you don't have any marker's anywhere. (if you label your riff's and what not, makes it a lot easier for ppl to crit, when there aren't any markers, makes crit'n a little more difficult and puts ppl off. )

the very begining with all of the triplets, really didn't sound all that good to me.. it sounded like you were going for a kind of mathcore type thing there, and just couldn't quite do it

12-19 was really cool, i wish it had lasted longer.

20-29 itself was a lot of cool riffs, and really good drum parts. and the bass has been really cool too, its contributing a lot to the peice. but there isn't really a transition from 19 to 20, it sounds ok, but i really think it could of been better.

30-33 sounds pretty epic and creepy, i likey

34-49 has got to be one of my favorite parts in the whole song. the drums are perfectly done, the bass riff isn't too repetitive, especially at 44. 46 and 48 come in perfectly, keeping the mood and still managing to mix it up a bet.

50-77 this part is pretty cool. track 1 is obviously the lead here and sounds pretty nice. really lightens the mood from 34-49. but when you come in with the tremolo picking, guitar pro managed to make that sound crapy, it would have sounded better if you had just but the 32nd notes them selves.

78-85 this sounds pretty good. has good amount of diversity. the rhythm part plays really nice back ground to the lead

86-93 is pretty cool, it kind of reminds me of the mood in 34-49

94-109 this sounds really cool AT FIRST but it gets way to repetitive, the only part of the song i just don't like

110-X nice ending

Overall - it was a nice song, but the first riff was just kinda weird, and the last riff got way to repetitive. It was pretty well organized for not having any visible song structure (which i would recommend making if you want more crits, and by that i mean what i said up top, lay down a few markers here and there. ) all together i'll give it an 8.5/10. keep work'n, you got talent, for c4c click on the only song on my sig