So my girl and I are trying to find a scary movie to watch tonight. Does anyone have any suggestions? Don't say Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that movie wasn't scary. Thanks.

EDIT: What about The Shining? Is it scary? I don't care if it scares me as much as the girl. She must be scared.
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Last horror movie I watched with a gf was 1408, it was fun.
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*Reads title*

Scary Movie 1
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*Reads title*

Scary Movie 1

I suppose I walked right into that one.
the shining, blair witch project, i havent actually seen the orphanage, but iv heard its scary as hell. just a few off the top of my head
oh, and if you're into zombie movies, 28 days later ftw, best zombie movie ever
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go with the blair witch project (1st one)
the originol exorsist(way freaky) new ones pretty scary too(the remake of the old one)
silence of the lambs
house on haunted hill(pretty weird)

It's a Spanish film (I think), but it's scary. The movie "Quarantine" coming out is the English remake.
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The Descent

+ The Universe.

That film was brilliant, a truly great horror film.
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