Hi guys, I'm a guitarist from Sweden who's taking a course called small enterprising. I'm synchronizing it with my final project at my highschool studies (Gymnasie), senior year.

So what I need help with, is you to fill out my market research form at my website http://www.aj-pickups.com/index.htm

If you'd look through my website and give me some advice or compliments (always good for the mood ) I'd be really greatful. Please feel free to ask me anything about this project and I'll be happy to help and hopefully get helped :P

Soo... Check it out, it means the world to me.

Thanks for your time


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sorry but i aint filling out no market research form for you......
May I ask why? I need people to fill it out in order to be able to start my experiments and later on my production... If you aren't interested it's okay (of course). But if you are interested, I'd be very happy if you could fill it out.
C'mon guys, I'm not asking for much, just 5 minutes of your sparetime. Lets make the best out of this

Please check my site out and tell me what you think about my project and please! fill out my marketing research form. Without people doing that, I'm not able to start my research and develop my products.
I think you are going about this all wrong.

With your market reserch you cant just come out and ask people if they would buy pickups from you and what technical specs they want. Truth is that the vast majority of guitar players have know idea what the specs mean and the ones that think they do are wrong. If you build a pickup that matches the specs given to you by the average guitar player, you will find that your average player will not like it.

So what do you need to do?

For your market resurch don't present it like it's their you might be selling them later on. The information you are gathering right now makes people think you don't have what it takes to build pickups. Instead, let them know it for school (like you did) and just get on with the questions.

You questions need to be about tone not technical specs! Ask people what musician or musicians have "the best tone" and then ask them what it is about the tone that they like. Go on to ask them if they feel like they can get that tone with their current setup and ask them what their current setup is. Make sure you find out what pickups they have, what amp they are using, what guitar they have, and how loud they set the volume on their amp.

Finally you have to do some real resurch. You have to take the information you collected figure out the technical specs of the pickups people seem to like and then match it with the amps people like to pair it with.
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I think that you're onto something here, but I'm just curious why people would buy from me when they could get the exact same pickups their favourite guitar player has (if they want to sound like their favourite guitar player) from an already established company like DiMarzio. What I'm trying to do is to develop a product they can't get elsewhere, that sounds exactly like I think is the best sound ever (strat combo) If they want another sound, they have to go custom. I believe that if I like what I hear, someone else will as well. Therefore I have to creat the (imo) best guitar pickups ever. Otherwise they won't be unique.

I'm not sure I quite understood the part about just buying pickups from me. I feel like I'm describing a set of pickups that I'd like to construct and if I succeed, would they be interested in buying it from me?

But maybe I should add more to the customs section, regarding the tone and perhaps I need to put emphasis that stating ones interest isn't commiting to anything. This is just to see whether people are interested in a product like the strat combo, a service like the custom pickups or something completely other (in the world of pickups) which I might be able to provide.
Its a nice idea, but remember there is no best pick-ups. Theres good pick-ups with good sounds someone might like, but its not the best because someone might have different ones that sound better. Just strive to be the best you can, but i like the idea of making the tones of famous guitar players.

Frankly, if it was me and depending on the price, I would go for some Hendrix sounding pick-ups, but I bet those would cost me alot of money for a set of 3 :P
Why would people buy boutique??? It's all about options and advice. Here are some numbers for you to look at.

I make 11 models of standard strat style pickups
3 positions
2 magnet polarities
2 possible winding directions
2 types of lead wires
3 types of potting
3 stagger options (there are actually more but those are my standard staggers)
3 magnet strength options (actually there are a lot more but it’s just easiest to say vintage degaussed, standard, and full power)
2 types of scatter (again there are more but I have 2 that I use on a regular basis)
2 standard wire tensions depending on desired tone (loose and tight)
3 standard strengths for each pickup in each position. (underwound, standard and overwound but again I fine tune this a lot)
2 types of magnet tops (un-beveled or beveled)

This gives me a total of 171,072 different pickups that fall into my range of standard strat style pickups and this is using only 5mm dia alnico 5 magnets. Just imagine the number of standard pickups I could have if I used .475mm magnets or if I started using alnico 3 in my strat pickups, or if I offered rough cast vs polished magnets. The number of options makes the possibilities reach into the millions.

My point is that you can’t expect the average person to understand the millions of possible combinations well enough to tell you what they want. People are going to talk to you in general terms. They will say things like “I want something that sounds like SRV in Texas flood except I don’t have a tweed bassman, I’m using a Roland cube. What pickups will give me that full SRV tone that I’m after?” Or they will tell you that they want “Hendrix tone but with better high end and tighter bass” or something like that. It’s your job to know how to manipulate tone and give them what they want. That is what sets the boutique businesses apart from the big shots like DiMarzio. DiMarzio only has 9 strat pickups on offer that are not humcanceling while I offer nearly 200,000 but I cram it into 11 basic models because that way it doesn’t overwhelm the people I want to sell them to. That’s also why I require people to email me rather than just taking order.

You need to start by doing the research and figuring out what types of tone people want. Then you need to make some pickups and create these basic tones. Once you have the basics down you can look at how small changes will manipulate tone. After you understand how small changes manipulate tone you will realize that you don't need to reinvent the pickup with every order. Right now you are getting ahead of yourself and you are asking the wrong questions. By wrong questions I mean questions that people don't know how to answer and questions that show that you don't have enough experiance to think about selling your product yet. Talking about selling a product when you have never attempted to build it is just going to discredit you and make it so people don’t take you seriously.
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I get your point, and I'm afraid that you missunderstood mine, I believe it's my fault.

I think I've got to update my website and rephrase everything completely. I can see from your post that I've expressed myself inadequatly. Let's see if I can get my point out in the air.

What I need to know, and set in stone is that there is a demand for this, there is a market for handwound pickups.

That is basically what I'm trying to achieve right now, nothing about selling any products. I'm going to rework my formulation and we'll see if I can make it clearer.
yes, there is a demand for handwound/boutique pickups. otherwise corduroyew woulndnt be here right now. ask anyone else on GB+C that has a set of RMG pups and theyll tell u that boutique is always the way to go.
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Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

Are you happy with the pickups currently in your guitar?

What do you like about them?

What don't you like about them?

Have you ever purchased aftermarket pickups?

If yes, what did you get and why?

Were you happy with the aftermarket pickups you purchased?

If you could change anything about them what would that be?

Have you ever considered aftermarket pickups but then stayed with stock pickup?

If yes then why did you stay with stock pickups?

Would you ever consider buying boutique pickups?

If no then why?

If yes then what brands have you looked at?

What is it about those brands that made you consider them?

Would you be willing to spend more for custom pickups made specifically to fit your needs?

If yes how much would you be willing to spend to get EXACTLY what you are looking for?

You don't need to ask if they would buy pickups from you in order to find out if there is a market for custom pickups. All you need to do is find out what people want to change about their tone and figure out how much they are willing to spend to have it fixed.
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Dude, I have to say this... .. You're frikkin' awesome! I didn't think that way. I'll get right to it.
I've redone the form. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Thanks again dude. Really appreciate it.
That’s much better. I still think you give too much info about yourself. I'd just tell them you are doing a market research class and not say anything about product development or you’re intent to sell pickups later on.

I would also suggest you try and make more questions multiple choice. People don't like typing out answers so you are more likely to get responses if they just have to click buttons. If I were you I would try to anticipate all the common answers for your questions and then add other with a spot to type their answer if they felt the need.
Not taking any online orders.
Yeah, I've thought about that as well. I'm reconstructing my site heavily right now and I'll make the form easier to fill out (for lazy people like myself, which is why it takes time to fill out right now..)

Thanks again for all of your constructive critisism Corduroy, I get very little help from my teachers, meaning I have to pull everything by myself. People like you are great... I mean, you're like a glass of water in the desert.
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