Basically my band has pitched in and offered to spend some cash on me for my birthday

I wanted to know if the learning curve (as I've heard) on the POD is pretty big and that the Boss may be a better idea.

I really just wanna know which one is gonna kick the most ass all around.

My current setup:

Fender Blackout Telecaster SSS
Fender Frontman 65R Amplifier

Help ??
New amp.

I'm 99% sure everyone will suggest that.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
the Boss GT series can get quite complicated from what I've heard, and I like the POD's sound more.

And are you using this for a live setting? I think a quality amp would do you better than the POD, unless you need the ability to have tons of presets and whatnot.
A) I like my amp. I really can't afford to go out and use this opportunity to get what I already have, especially when I've actually very happy with my amp.

B) I really do need to know what sort of board to get. I'm sorta leaning towards the pod, but i really need some advice on what to do

C) I live in Danbury, CT. I play alternative/indie/rock
IF you must insist on keeping the amp, get the boss. The pod has tons of features you'll never use, because they're just too difficult to access in a live environment.

PS: I've owned both products, and I've found that the GT-10 is simply more useable in a live environment. Better sounds can be more easily had. However, the advantage the Pod has is in being able to separately engage Delay, Mod, Stomp, Etc, on the same effect. It's a bit more difficult to do this on the GT-10.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
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POD ftw. The learning curve is only steep from the perspective that there's SOO MUCH ON IT, but once you get what you like and eliminate what you don't, you'll be golden with your own custom presets