Ok, this is my first song decent enough for me too upload. :P i think its pretty good, by far my best one yet. i'm really proud of my drum part in this song, as i am not a drummer it doesn't have lyrics or anything, but if someone wants to try write'n lyrics i wudn't mind put'n another name for the credits. ok so plz crit i c4c

*edit* i think adding the attachment wud help
Good Song.zip
At the beginning I had to get my ears to get used to the rhythm but after wards, I started to feel it. I don't care for the larger chords beside the power chords in the Intro/Chorus, but I like the power chords themselves.

Your "Quick Solo" just didn't do it for me at all, it kind of went out of scale TOO obviously for me. I think it should be left out.

I absolutely love the bass line in Verse 1, it was so good and groovy. When the guitar comes in it's just that much better. The muted strums are epic, I really, really like how they sound with the rest of the bass line.

Your second "Quick Solo" was 50x better than your first one and it definitely had it's place.

The next verse had some good variations on the chord progression even if it was just a small variation; it kept it interesting.

Throughout the piece I did enjoy the "Breaks" and they flowed well.

I didn't like the bridge all that much. I know what you were going for but I didn't like the lack of scale there for some reason.

This solo, I'm sorry, it's probably less appealing than the first one. You have some good ideas but I feel the execution lacks and I just can't get into it. I really don't like it when the chorus rhythm comes in and the solo is still going. I'm just WONDERING if you can play that solo because it just reads and sort of sounds awkward and I know I wouldn't be able to play it.

I'm happy that throughout the entire song the bass guitar actually has room to shine and plays some higher octave stuff. The bass fill near the end was an excellent idea, but it lacked the emotion for me and I didn't like all of the notes it hit; change some stuff and it's great.

The lead at the end didn't appeal to me very much either, and I didn't much like the guitar fill. At this point I started to feel better about the bigger chords over the power chords because I was so used to it. I think there were too many choruses.

Overall, I think it's a song that has potential and it's already pretty good. Your verses are amazing, I love the bassy funk you have going on; I'm jealous of it. The drums were pretty good as well but they never stood out for me. Work on those solos, they seem out of place except for the 2nd one. I'm not a fan of verse/chorus/bridge structure, I really like progressive movements and I don't like repeating parts like choruses, but your song works well the way it is.

I feel bad because you pretty much praised my song, but this is what C4C is about I guess.

A solid 7.5/10 for me. Improve those solos and get a better lead during the outro and you have a winner of 8.5/10!