Okay, so i'm in search for a Spider Line 6 III Hd150 head. And.. A Line 6 4x12 Cabinet

I've checked Guitar Center, Ebay, Amazon, Craigs List, and Daddys Junky Music.

The cheapest for the cabinet i found - 299.99
cheapest for head 299.99

and the cheapest all together - 649.99

Any other places i should check?
Yeah, check your brain and see if it's still in there.

I know it's redundant around this site, but WTF MAN!?! A SPIDER???

Look at Bugera amps. they're WAY nicer, and about the same price AND all tube.

Plus, i'd go with a combo amp. you can line out a cab if you so choose, but it saves effort and money usually.
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try AMS
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spiders creep me out.

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What should I get... I thought the line 6 half stack was pretty good.

Any suggestions on something better?

my budget is around 400-500
Epi valve junior and pedals, or Crate v18 and pedals, both take pedals very well, basicly its if you prefer more wattage.

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