buckethead has a Chucky mask?
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
old movie is old
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
he had a "whammy" an went to bed?

+Rip Dimebag+


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he was mobbed by UGrs armed with whammy bars
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
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I think the name of the thread is called "You guys need to watch this NAO!" Epic lulz.


It was quite funny. I love it how he says "With a few simple procedures" you can whammy without a whammy.
The kid is simply a genious! I never thought of this before!
You see, I'm a bassist, so I don't have a whammy bar, and I always wanted to whammy and couldn't! And now, thanks to this kid, I can!!!
Oh, I'm so happy.
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I think the name of the thread is called "You guys need to watch this NAO!" Epic lulz.

hmm, can't find it

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someone please explain, because i haven;t stopped laughing for days at this kid

lol i havent! hes just a twat lol
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"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

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just a few of my fans..

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buckethead has a Chucky mask?

no hes talking about BOCKEThead
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One of my friends said to the principle once,
"NO! The voices tell me not to talk to you!" *Runs away on all fours*
The principle eventually caught up to him and gave him a drug test.
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That's how they do it? OMG thank you chubby kid!

oh crap. and i liked my avatar...oh well
yeah this is old.

from what i remember, he posted a link to this on youtube. got a lot of shit for it. someone (the owner in the link) saved it on his youtube. and the original person deleted his acount on here and youtube.

i still lolz