Hi. Im writing this post because i want your suggestions about an tube amp. I´ve been playing for almost a year and like to play blues (SRV, BB King, Buddy Guy, etc.) and Classic Rock (AC/DC, LED ZEPPELIN) and i was thinking what should i use to get a sweet tone.
I want something so i can eitheir train at my room or play with some friends in a smalal band. I was thinking in something not to expensive but with god tone.

pS Sory for my english im portuguese
Just to help your English education:

"train at my room"

Train = boxing, running, karate
Practise = guitar, piano, painting

At = at the Town Hall, at the train station, at Glastonbury Festival
In = in my room, in the hall, in the studio

--> "practise in my room"

What's your budget? If you have a look at www.thomann.de, they deliver to Portugal.
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If you're EQ'd loose, you'll sound loose anyway.
Fender Blues or Hotrod Deluxe
smiler amps, ones more bluesy the other more for rock respectively
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Blue Strat: Thanks for corr3ections...my budget is about 500-1000...large range i know
A budget would make it easier to provide options for you. Based on what you have put so far, I'm saying Blues Jr and a bad monkey. Small, does rock and blues, has reverb.

Edit:^ you posted a budget and my rec is staying the same. Don't know what prices are in Portugal tho
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