It's been around two years since I purchased a new amp or guitar, and I'm leaning towards getting a new amp. I have a Schecter c1 with emg 81/85's and a Jackson DKMG. I was given my friends old cab, it's just a standard 4x12 speaker cab. I bought a used ValveKing head, it suited me decently for awhile. However, I'm looking for something with more punch, especially a better low end. I want to get a new head, i played a Randall rh300 g3 at my local guitar center and thought it was a beast, but I've heard some negative things about it around here. I would love to get a 6505+, but there's little chance i'll have the money. I'm just looking for some feedback about the Randall amp, if it would be suitable for a Death Metal sound. I'm really into Melodic Death, like (old) In Flames and At the Gates. Also, Death is my favorite band. Any advice on the Randall would be appreciated, or recommendations. My ideal price range is around 600 or 800 USD, doubtful If i'd be able to afford anything over 1000.

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