Kiss of death
i take a deep breath
as i take a drag from the cigerrete

i look up at the stars
wondering were you are
and whether i'll see you again

my chest is heavy
my heart is weary
though...i go on

the cool air on my finger tips
like the darkness of an eclipes
i get pulled into the night

now alone i wonder these streets
not knowing if we'll ever meet
but maybe fate will bring you to me
Nice - mostly because it's so short (please don't take that in a bad way)
Sort of like a snapshot piece, I like it. You know what, I really like it. Sometimes I don't want to plow through a page and a half of super-dense stream-of-conciousness writing. Keep up the good work!
I like this too, though I'd title it Eclipse.

The two things that could use a tweak -

1. "I get pulled" could be "I am pulled". The "get" doesn't flow for me...

2. Middle line of the last stanza could use a little massaging - you've met this person before, I assume. Something more along the line of not knowing who you'll meet.... or something...