Im looking for some new pickups to replace my stock bridge pickup on my esp ltd. The stocks sound muddy to me and Im thinking about installing either a burstbucker pro or Dimarzio dp223. I'd choose a burstbucker pro but its out of my budget right now so I'm kinda leaning towards the dp223. I always liked dimarzio pickups but the thing is there is little information on the dp223 so I'm just wondering where it stands compared to the BB pro. Also if you guys have any other pickup in mind that has similar qualities to the BB pro please post them.

Fyi: The guitar i have is a basswood body with a floyd rose trem. The neck and fretboard are both maple wood.
You may want to look at the Dimarzio Breed. It was designed with Ibanez RGs in mind (basswood body+FR).
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Well it depends mostly on what kind of music you play
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Well, if you're looking at PAF style pickups, I'd say Barenknuckle Mules. But, then again, you might want to play metal, but who knows?

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hmm High order looks pretty interesting, ill keep that as an option. thanks al.