Should I ask about it? I was initially saving up for a schecter C-1 Plus, but I can get this PRS for $400. I play hard rock, regular rock, and some bluesy stuff when I feel like it. I'm upgrading my amp later on. Some bands that would be good examples of my rock playing are Metallica, G n' R (when Slash was in it), Audioslave (minus the Tom Morello solos), and Three Days Grace. No insanely heavy metal, but I would like the guitar to be able to go into that area at least mediocrely. Would this be a good deal for me? If I get a positive reponse, I'm going to ask about it. And yes, I'm going to play it first, don't worry
get the prs
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Get it. Now. If you don't, regret.

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I'll pray for ya :P. GREAT guitar. Just got one myself yesterday, SMOOTHE neck, pickups are hot as ****, and it looks sexy. Great all around player.

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i've played the custom, i really like schecter's better.....just my opinion, carved top, better (imo) pickups, nicer neck set, full binding...ehh..the PRS isn't a real PRS, it's made by world (or global, can't remember) music company by license of PRS.. i'd get the schecter.