Hey ^^ I am thinking of getting a new guitar and well I don't know much about
guitars cos I'm kind of a newb at this X3 What kind should I get? Any advice? Should I also get a new amp?

As of now I am using a GAX30BKN Ibanez and a 19w amp.
what do you play and what is your budget?
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go to a guitar store and try out what youre willing to pay for. if it feels better when your playing it ask youself is it worth $xxx to have a guitar that feels/sounds this much better. same for the amp. i would recommend a new amp before a new guitar if its your sound youre unhappy with. oh and an amp thats not tube is like a guitar thats not wood. its hard to get good sounds out of solid state and hard to get bad ones out of tubes.
I play a lot of classic rock, but I play just about everything and well my bday is coming up
and my dad is going to pay for it so I don't know his budget <.<

Thanks Michael I'll try that!
Buy a new amp first, it'll make more difference...a Roland Cube 30X or a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT would be fun.
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