After playing my Schecter Damien-fr for awhile, i've been getting bored with it, as probably all guitarists get with there guitars. But i've been thinking every schecter i've played while owning mine, is a lot better. Now.. I'm wondering if i should trade it in and get something new, or keep playing it. Is it really a good guitar?
Well, I've been playing guitar for awhile now. And whenever i play my friends Schecter or a Schecter at guitar center, i instantly come to the conclusion it's better than mine. Plays easier, Feels nicer.

And im getting bored with mine. Because it seems i can't play as well on it as i can with others. Maybe using the word "bored" wasn't the right word choice.
well the Damien series definitely isnt the best Schecter series but its definitely better than some of their guitars like the PT. But in the same token isnt on par with the Blackjack or Hellraiser series.
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other peoples' guitars are always better. That's just the way of things
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